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At Cochran’s Collision Center we provide alignments on most vehicles. With the most advanced

and latest equipment provided by John Bean.

Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing are two different things but most of the time people get

confused. Generally speaking Wheel Alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels and

Wheel Balancing, on the other hand allows the tires and wheels to spin without causing any


The tires are the only parts of your vehicle that make contact with the road and significantly

impact the handling, traction, and safety of your vehicle. Keeping your tires properly inflated and

rotating them every 6,000 miles will maximize the lifetime of your tires and helps to maintain

precise handling in all driving conditions.

Cochran’s Collision Center has state-of-the-art computer Wheel Alignment equipment and can

provide you with a computer printout of your vehicle's Wheel Alignment specifications.

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All services provided by Cochran’s Collision Center are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty (more information)