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Do I Have To Use The Shop My Insurance Company Recommends Or Can I Take It To Cochran’s Collision Center?

You can always take it to Cochran’s Collision Center. The insurance company cannot tell you where to repair your vehicle. Some insurance people will attempt to convince or steer you to fix your vehicle at their preferred shop; a shop that gives the insurance company special deals. These deals will often come at the vehicle owner's expense which could compromise safety and the quality of repairs.

Can You Help Me Negotiate With My Insurance Company?

Yes. That is what our helpful office staff is for. Once you have placed the claim, tell your insurance company where you would like to have it repaired and we can handle it from here on out. If you need help placing a claim we can also assist you in doing so.

Which Insurance Companies Do You Deal With?

We work with all insurance companies.

Do You Use Original Manufacturer “OEM” Parts In Your Repairs?

Yes. Although your insurance company may require us to locate and use aftermarket or used parts. This is based on your insurance policy. If you are requesting all OEM parts you may have to negotiate with your insurance company. We would be happy to help you do so. If the insurance company will not allow you to have all OEM parts, it is an option to pay the difference of the alternate part and OEM.

What Are “OEM” Parts?

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer”. These are new parts made by the same Manufacturer who made your vehicle

What Are "Aftermarket" Parts?

Aftermarket (A/M) is used to describe parts that are made by manufacturer other than the one who originally made your car. Some aftermarket parts carry certification that helps ensure the basic quality of the part. Aftermarket parts are usually less expensive than new OEM, and for some applications may be a better choice than used OEM parts. Some repairers and insurers list these parts as "Quality Replacement Parts."

What Are "LKQ" Parts?

LKQ stands for "like, kind and quality." Most of us are more familiar with the other term for this category which is "Used Parts." The term LKQ should more precisely define a sub-category of used parts that are just like the ones on your vehicle before the loss.


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